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Electra in a One-PieceBroadway Play Publishing, 2013

A brutally funny modern tragedy, Electra in a One-Piece re-imagines the bloody Greek tale for our digital era. When Elle discovers that her mother has murdered her father and is burying him in the backyard, she sends for help the only way she knows how: the Internet. Armed only with a video camera, she videotapes the gruesome scene and posts it on YouTube to alert her brother stationed in Iraq, inadvertently becoming an overnight YouTube sensation. Urged on by the chatter of anonymous commenters clamoring for more, Elle and her family saturate the Internet with videos, stirring controversy and piquing the interest of a savvy television producer with plans for a camera-ready bloodbath.

PRAISE FOR Electra in a One-Piece

“No joke is left behind in Electra in a One-Piece, from lively newcomer Isaac Oliver … a great screaming goof, a liberating and heedless mash-up of tossed-off poesy, irreverence, and, every so often, a flash of sincere despair. Oliver’s impetuous young voice combines Joss Whedon sass with Nicky Silver savagery, and succeeds. It’s an impressive debut.” —New York Magazine

“Brainy and bracingly funny!” —Backstage

“A brash rewrite for the YouTube age with results that are clever.” —Village Voice

“An enthralling adaptation.” —Theater is Easy

“Devastatingly funny.” —